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Zuena Kirema Clears Air on Dating Mowzey Radio

Zuena Kirema has finally opened up on reports that she was cheating on his husband Bebe Cool with Singer Mowzey Radio.

It was alleged that Zuena once secretly dated Radio back then..
The rumors were fueled after Radio and weasel dropped mega song ” Zuena” in which Radio pleaded for the love of his life called Zuena to come back to him ..

However in the new video going viral on social media,just days before the fifth year after Radio’s untimely death, which Zuena herself captions with “The late Mozey Radio and I never dated, never…”, she speaks about the fallen maestro.

“Mowzey Radio and Bebe Cool had a disagreement and fought in a club. Knowing that Bebe loves me the most, they(Radio & Weasel) sang about me, wanting to anger him,” she said.

“When the song Zuena came about, I didn’t know him(Radio); I didn’t even know what he looked like. One day we were in the club with Bebe and he asked me ‘Do you know the guy you keep asking me about? He is right there next to Chameleone.’ ‘Is that him?’ I asked. So I kept eyeing him the whole night trying to see if I had seen him before because people used to say he grew up in Jinja. But I told Bebe he didn’t grow up in Jinja. Even though I left Jinja at only 16, I know almost everyone who grew up in Jinja during that time.” She added.

“But anyway it is good he sang about me. And Bebe said okay I will not beat him again, after all, he is making you famous. But truth be told I’ve never dated him.” She concluded.

After “Zuena”, Radio & Weasel continued to drop subliminal lines hinting at a supposed relationship between the beauty queen and the poet, in songs like “Bread and Butter” and “Taxi money”. By the time of his death, many still believed the two once dated.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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