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“Ziza Bafana Should Be Thanking me For Paying School Fees for His Child ” – Lwasa

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has come out saying that singer Ziza Bafana should just thank him for paying his child ‘s school fees with Vanessa Vanny instead of him saying rubbish about him.

A few days ago, Ziza Bafana while defending his ex- lover Vanessa Vanny who is currently in the headlines while being accused of conning the rich man from Masaka following a failed introduction ceremony into the home of her parents.

Ziza Bafana called upon Lwasa to settle down and paint down a good image to the youth as an elder instead of vending off strange diseases to young girls in the guise of marrying them off for showbiz.That Vanessa would never be attracted to an old man like Lwasa and that she was simply after his money as she has plenty of it .

He later  advised Lwasa to date women of his age, not the younger ones whose interests differ from

While appearing to an interview ,Lwasa lashed to Ziza Bafana following his comment he made on him saying that he was the one paying the school fees for the child Bafana sired with Vanessa.

According to him Bafana was a deadbeat father who never took  care of his own child.

” He is saying bad things about me yet he should be thanking me for paying school fees for his child.Vanessa used to tell me he is a deadbeat dad”, Lwasa said .

He further continued to sting Bafana by saying that he doesn’t shower and that he has a bad odor so he has no right to talk about him at all before threatening to spill more of secrets if he doesn’t stop talking about him.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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