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Ziza Bafana Lashes Out to Spice Diana and Her Manager Roger ,Brands them Selfish and Bad Hearted

Dancehall raggamuffin Richard Kasendwa alias Ziza Bafana has lashed out to fellow singer Spice Diana and her Manager Roger Lubega, branding them Selfish and bad hearted.

This was after Spice and Manager Roger decided to drag dancer Ritah Dancehall to prison just two days to his dancehall carnival.

Ziza Bafana stressed that Spice Diana and Manager Roger’s arrested Ritah Dancehall to sabotage his concert so that Ritah doesn’t perform at his show ,but their plans failed .He went on to accuse the two of being selfish and bad hearted.

He further disclosed that Manager Roger has been paying different media personalities not to play his music.

That one presenter from a media outlet he didn’t mention told him how Roger always pays presenters to sabotage his music.

The “Nsolo” singer who was upset by the revelation wondered why manager Roger would choose to turn into his enemy claiming he is the one who ushered him into the music business.

He then requested fellow artists and managers to stop acting in such a manner of bad-minded people who don’t wish others well.


“I was somewhere and someone told me that whenever Roger comes through, he pays us not to play your music,” Bafana said.

“I got Roger as a friend and introduced him to the music business. Roger, you just can’t turn out to be my enemy,” he added.

Ziza Bafana vented out his dismay while speaking in an interview with press just after holding successful Dancehall carnival with took place on 28th January 2023

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KY Jamal
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