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Zari Hassan Warns Bloggers Spreading Fakes News About Her, Vows to Arrest Them


South Africa based Ugandan Socialite ,Zari Hassan has come out and warn bloggers and social media users who spreads fake news about her and vows to arrest them.

According to her ,Many social media users and bloggers have made it tendency to write fake and baseless about her in the name of getting likes and traffic as she cautioned them to stop it.

She further revealed that she doesn’t follow anyone else on Facebook expect her daughter as many claims and threatened to arrest people who spread fake stories about her.

Claiming that people don’t know nothing about her life as many pretend to be knowing her or to be their friends that they should stop it because they met once at function or party and took photos.

“Bloggers stop the act of loving to get likes and traffic on your pages by writing fake stories and any type of nonsense articles because you know it will fetch you traffic. Zari this, Zari that. I am soon going to start arresting people if you continue publishing baseless stories. Publish only true stories.”,Zari Said

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