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Zari Hassan Unveils “Dark Stallion” Face on Valenties Day (PHOTOS)

South Africa based socialite Zari Hassan has finally unveiled the face of her new man who she named “The Dark Stallion”

The mother of five shared a photo of them posing together on Valentines day after hiding his face for a quite some time.

For past few days, Zari has been flaunting her “Dark Stallion” on social media but most of her photos had his face hidden away from the camera.

The unveiling come days’ after she hit out at critics claiming the affair with her new man branded “Dark Stallion” will end in tears just like her previous relationships.

“The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp groups…Happiness lives here, if it ends in tears, let it, what will you as a person lose?’

Zari - Dark Stallion
Zari – Dark Stallion

Zari is back into dating after her relationship with King Bea Cedric Fourie failed . She referred to him as a gold digger and someone who wanted to gain fame from her name.

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