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Zari Hassan Roasted For Visiting her Late Husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s Grave with her boyfriend Shakib

Socialite Zari Hassan has angered her social media followers after sharing a video of herself and current boyfriend Shakib Cham at her ex- husband the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave .

In the company of her boyfriend and a few friends visited the late tycoon’s grave during the festival season as a sign of respect .

However, after video of Zari in a company of her current boyfriend and friends at late Ivan’s grave surfaced online ,comments started pouring almost instantly with some claiming Zari going with Shakib at Ivan’s grave was not right while others maintained to was alright for her to do so that nothing wrong with it all .

‘At least she would have gone with her kids, such a video might not be liked by her boys just thinking. Mwami Lutaaya Ndaba bamuvuze supidi neneko,” Jannet Kizza commented on the Video by a local tabloid on Instagram.

“That’s how the late come back and Shakib gets dumped at the graveyard,” Twinny Babe commented.

“This life has no balance,” said a one Zahie Ozzie.

“You people don’t fear ghosts eeh,” Brenda commented.

“Shakib, One day he will be like, It breaks my heart, they didn’t believe in us God did,” Dibardisst commented.

“She never forgets the father of her kids,” IamDanielUg commented.

“Nothing wrong with this, you people want to make everything negative,” Mercikless commented.

“We always have to learn from everything….this shows you that you should always enjoy life to the fullest you live alone and die alone….once you die your most beloved wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend will pull up with her new partner if not different partners at your burial place mercilessly,” One Don Don 9999 commented.

It should be noted that the late Ssemwanga was instrumental in propelling Zari to success.

Zari has always made it a point to visit his graveyard every year.

Before Ssemwanga passed away, the two had amicably split up, with Zari moving on to romance Tanzanian pop star Diamond Platinumz; sadly, their union also ended in tears.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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