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Zari Hassan Praises New man’s Bedroom skills, says she Doesn’t Care if it also ends in Tears

Zari Hassan aka Zari the Boss Lady has found herself a new man, she introduced him on social media as “Dark Stallion”.

Ever since Zari broke up with Diamond, she hasn’t been able to sustain a relationship for a long time which has left many thinking that she might still hold feelings for the talented Tanzanian singer.

Zari gave Diamond two kids in a span of two years- Tiffah in 2015 and in 2016, she gave birth to Nillan. In 2017, her ex-husband Don Ivan Semwanga  passed on following a fall that left his head injured.

In 2018 on Valentine’s day, she served the Bongo star with a black rose to mark the end of their relationship, and months later, she was getting cozy with the man she fondly referred to as King Bae at the time.

But she got tipsy at a party and revealed his face. This happened on the eve of New year while in Zimbabwe, Harare at a top hangout joint, Dreams Night Club, where she revealed Cedric Fourie’s face to her fans.

Zari later broke up with Cedric who she referred to as a gold digger and someone who wanted to gain fame from her name.

Well, she now has someone else whom she refers to as a ‘Dark Stallion,” and when such a message from a woman is accompanied by the shy emoji, we all know that Stallions are known for their strengths where it matters

She also has a message for ‘haters’ who are convinced it will end in tears

“The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp groups…Happiness lives here, if it ends in tears, let it, what will you as a person lose?’

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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