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Zari Hassan Ignites Beef with Sworn Enemy Hamisa Mobetto

The cat- fight between Diamond Platnumz Exes; Zari Hassan and Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto seems to not come to an end anytime soon.

Last week we were served to a drama by Diamond and his baby mama Zari after he uploaded a video with their kids where his two children Tiffah and Nillan put him and Zari to the task of explaining who between the two messed up their family.

In the video, Zari accused Diamond of having a child with another woman who happens to be Hamisa. Diamond in the since-deleted video denied the allegation which ended up infuriating not just Hamisa but his mother as well.

Hamisa retaliated to this by posting a photo and adding a sarcastic caption that read,” Whole time I’m the love of my life. 🤩” Many saw this as a way to get back at Mtasubiri hitmaker for his denial.

Diamond’s mother, on the other hand, called him out for failing to recognize his other kids including his look-alike son with Tanasha whom they even share a birthday.

Now Zari has gotten into the mix again if the video she has on her Tiktok is anything to go by. For context, it is widely known that Hamisa was the reason for the breakup between Diamond and Zari.

In the video, Zari has background audio that is throwing shades at people who are jealous of her and want to take things that she owns including her man and lifestyle.

“A lot of the time, some people will dislike you for the things that you have, and they feel that they deserve. They feel like they deserve your man, your car, your job, or your recognition because, in their minds, you’re not that pretty, you’re not that smart, and they will hate you for that because they can’t figure out why you have the things that you have.”

The video has been perceived to be targeting none other than Hamisa Mobeto. It is an open secret that the two have never had a good relationship considering Hamisa was Diamond’s side chic.

In her appearance on the Netflix show Young African And Famous, Zari revealed that the reason she left Diamond was because of his continuous unfaithfulness and contempt towards her. Apparently, it was Hamisa he was cheating with.

It is perhaps also the reason Hamisa and Diamond have had a strained relationship ever since. Diamond has always treated Hamisa like she baby-trapped him and has been very cold towards her as compared to the way he treats both Tanasha and Zari.

Second, Hamisa is the only baby mama whom Diamond has been forced to pay child support for. In 2018, the “African Beauty” star was compelled to pay 250k monthly in child support for Dylan. This was after Diamond had demanded a paternity test from her, which proved that he was indeed the sperm donor.

We are yet to see Hamisa’s reply about Zari’s comments and we shall keep you posted

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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