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Zari Hassan Defends Herself Over Allegations that She Feasts on Young Boys

Zari & shakib

Ugandan – South Africa based Socialite Zari Hassan has come out and defends herself over the allegations that she feasts on Young boys.

This was after section of social media users pointed out that Zari’s current man was younger than her and others claimed he was ‘gay’ after popular South African gay posted a series of photos with him, claiming he was her man.

Zari Hassan during a local TV interview refuted the allegations saying that man she is currently in love with called Shakib Lutaaya is actually not so young as many people claim.

Claiming that Shakib just face but he’s in his early 30’s .Zari on the other hand said she’s going to be making 42 soon .so the age gap therefore is not so big .

She also disclosed that she doesn’t know how she started dating him.

According to Zari, they had been friends for long but she doesn’t recall how the dating commenced.

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The socialite also said that she loves Shakib because he gives her a piece of mind unlike her past men.

Further, Zari said that the reason she jumps from one man to another is because she doesn’t like being stressed. If she feels like the relationship is not progressing anywhere, she quickly ditches it for where she finds peace.

The mother of 5 also said that she always sits her children down and explains to them why dumps men quickly. This is because society will always judge her yet she doesn’t want her children to do the same.

Zari Hassan

“Shakeeb has always been my friend but honestly I don’t know how we started dating. He’s not young only that he has a baby face. He’s in his early 30’s and I’m also going to make 42 years. By the way no body gets into a relationship thinking it will end but some factors force you to quit.

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And if something doesn’t give you peace, you quit it early enough but Shakeeb gives me a piece of mind. He is very calm and has few words.
For my kids, I sit them down and tell them about my changing men. This is because people will always question my integrity in regards to men,” she said.

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