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Zahara Totto is a Useless Old Woman who Never Went to School” – Zahara Totto’s Uncle Spills Dirty Secrets

NBS TV Uncut show presenter Zahara Totto’s uncle only known as Benjamin has revealed dark secrets of how the TV presenter wets her bed and smokes weed.

Speaking in an interview with Celebrity Track, Uncle Benjamin revealed that Zahra Totto always fears to take her mattress out after wetting it, she leaves it to her mother.

Benjamin went further and said that the Presenter is way older than what she says she is, he added that Zahara also dropped out of school in senior four. He bragged that he is more educated than the Gossip queen.

Zahara’s uncle also disclosed that she is a bad mother who does not take good care of her children  and that she owns nothing to her name.

It should be noted that Zahara Totto and her Uncle have been at logger heads for a long time. Totto once put her Uncle on the spot through a series of posts on her Snapchat and Facebook accounts noting how she refuses to be intimidated by bad mind family blood.

The motor mouthed presenter verbally came out all bare knuckles against her maternal uncle, only identified as Benjamin, who she claims wants to kill her and her kids.

Totto explained that Benjamin is the last born of the total 12 children from her grandmother on her mother’s side where she decried having born amongst ill hearted relatives who are bothered by other family members’ prosperity in life.

“He calls himself my uncle, but he threatens to kill me and my kids every time I go to visit my grandmother’s house. I will not be intimidated by bad family blood. Enough is enough, and I can’t tolerate such bad energy in the family,” Totto ranted.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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