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“You’re too Broke to Cater for your Son, Give him up to his Mother” – Bad Black to Meddie Ssentongo

Reknown sumbie vendor and faded socialite Meddie Ssentongo’s ex lover Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has come out to give a comment regarding his current child conflict with his ex girlfriend Suzan Serunkuma.

A few days ago, Suzan came out and narrated that she got pregnant for Meddie back in 2016 and she gave birth to a baby boy who he had denied fathering but later took him for a DNA test which turned out to be positive.

Susan said that she raised her child single handedly for three years without Meddie’s help but he later took him away from her reasoning that she does not have a proper home to raise their child.

She revealed that ever since the socialite took the boy, she has not laid her eyes on her, nit even in pictures.

And now Bad Black has come out and advised Meddie Ssentongo to give up the 6 year old son to his mom because he is too broke to cater for him.

‘’The faded socialite ran bankrupt and is struggling to make ends meet. He therefore has no ability to look after a child,’ Bad Black said

Sentongo - Suzan
Sentongo – Suzan

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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