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“You’re Going to Die a Useless-man”- Pastor Mondo Stings Senyonga

Motor mouthed city pastor, Franklin Mondo Mugisha has blasts fellow pastor, Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church -Bwaise, for attacking Pastor Yiga, a deceased colleague instead of mourning him.

“Even if Yiga did some wrong things, you don’t judge the dead,” Mondo furiously stated, while addressing journalists at the Revival Church Ministries, Kawaala.

“You have no place in heaven. And don’t judge others because your days are also numbered,” he added.

“We also still remember how you molested a minor on the plane so stop,” Mondo recalled.

Mondo further asserted that Ssenyonga has run broke, and is looking at capitalizing on Yiga’s death to spark heated arguments and earn himself controversial recognition.

“You’re speaking with so much anger against a lifeless body because you are poor. You collapsed and now you’re hoping to use Yiga’s death to attempt a comeback but you will bury yourself,” Mondo directly stated to Ssenyonga, offering him an option of 50million, if he can keep silent about the matter.


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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