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“You’re all Brainwashed” – A Pass Hits Hard at NRM Supporters

Musician Alex Bagonza a.k.a A Pass has laughed at supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement saying that they are all brainwashed and do not know what they want.

The singer wondered how supporters of the yellow camp could try to popularize the hashtag #securing your future under which NRM is campaigning.

“NRM supporters are so funny, so you are trending a Hashtag Securing Your Future when most of you have failed to secure your future and the leaders you have only secure their future year in year out,” A Pass mocked.

“I remember your leader saying he is working for himself and his grandchildren and I am very sure you are not part of the family,” he added.

“This mess you are in is Group Brainwash. I advise you to keep your slogan because NRM has no practical policies to remove Ugandans from poverty,” the artiste further stressed.

“We would love to see progressive action taken to get the majority of Ugandan out of poverty so that they have some dignity out of a fair wage to have a fair living hood but we have so many self-serving individuals in high places.”

A Pass is one of the several artistes that sided with Bobi Wine and condemned the police brutality unleashed upon the citizenry during the Free Bobi Wine arrests.

Apass & Bobi Wine

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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