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“You’re a Devil who Pretends to be Christian” – Pr Bugingo Attacks Pr Senyonga


House of prayer ministries leader, Pr. Aloysius Bugingo is disappointed in his fellow religious leader, Pr. Ssenyonga for throwing a big party for his son while his employees go months without salary.

Pr. Bugingo, while speaking on one of his recent sermons wondered how some people could be so merciless to the extent of making people dress smartly on TV without paying them for months and instead opt to throw big wedding parties.

The same people (Pr. Ssenyonga) pass as Christians yet deep inside, they are the devil incarnate. He urged his fellow Pastor to mend his ways because God gives second chances for those willing to abandon their evil ways

“My wife Suzan Makula and I sat down and discussed, we saw a paper showing a pastor who owns a TV and Radio and he doesn’t pay employees and we asked ourselves why people don’t have Mercy!!! You use someone for over a year when they have to dress smartly to appear on your TV without paying them yet you are organizing luxurious parties for your son and family?” he said.

Joshua Senyonga and his new wife Joanne

“You don’t pay workers yet you have to live a Christian Life !!we even wondered how someone who has to live a Christian Life turned to live a devil life, all people know you as a thief but you You use Christian Life even on your Sign Post, change the words on your Sign Post so that people get to know you are a thief, you celebrate whenever a pastor dies yet in actual sense you should be the one to die but what I know thieves and bad people live longer , God gives them a chance so that they can change.” Pastor Bugingo added, apparently angry at the Top Media boss.

Recently, an employee of Top TV confided in a reknown blogger how employees at the station had gone three months without pay yet their boss, Pr. Ssenyonga had bought his son a luxurious ride. The employee revealed that a strike was likely.

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Pr. Sseyonga however remained unbothered and went ahead to throw a luxurious wedding for his son which seems to have angered his employees the more.

Bugingo’s jab at the Top TV chief is however likely to convince him to his workers since the two have been at war for as long as Christians can remember.

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