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“You must respect people’s views” – General Tumukunde blasts Police over Bobi Wine, Amuriat Arrests

Former security Minister, Lt.Col. Henry Tumukunde has expressed dissatisfaction with Uganda Police over the manner in which his fellow presidential candidates, Patrick Amuriat and Bobi Wine were arrested yesterday.

Addressing the media yesterday (Tuesday) evening, the presidential hopeful explained that politics is by nature characterized by differences of opinion and chaos and Police ought to respect that.

“We must respect the sanctity of our electoral system. By nature, all campaigns are characterized by disagreements.We must respect each other people’s views,”Tumukunde begged.

Noting that yesterday’s chaos damaged the current Government’s image further, Tumukunde said that the arrests could have been avoided and hence peaceful nominations.

“When one is a presidential aspirant or duly nominated, they must be accorded their respect. I, therefore, call on the government to reign in the security forces and ask them to act sensibly. Uganda risks being ridiculed by our population and the international community at large if such acts continue unabated.” he said.

Tumukunde was among the Presidential aspirants who were yesterday nominated without any police interference. However, Bobi Wine and Amuriat tasted a fair share of the Police ‘babysitting.’

FDC Patrick Oboi Amuriat arrives at Kyambogo for nomination without shoes

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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