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“Yiga only Trained his Son To Be Another Witch doctor” – Pastor Senyonga Attacks Jengo Andrew

Jengo Andrew - Pastor Jackson Senyonga

Christian Life Church lead Pastor,  Jackson Senyonga has attacked fallen Pastor Yiga’s son and successor Pastor Andrew Jengo saying that he is just another witch doctor who was trained by his late father.

Speaking in his ‘P5 Conference yesterday,  Senyonga claimed that after Yiga finding out that he was about to die,  he had to train to own son to uphold his legacy of being a fraud star by using witchcraft in the name of God.

Senyonga further claimed that Jengo is neither a trained Born again nor a Pastor,  rather another version of Yiga. He also cited that he knows the bars that Jengo goes to every weekend.

“Jengo is another fraud star just like his Dad,  we also know and have proof of him going to different bars to get drunk. As soon as Yiga learnt that he was about to die,  he trained his son to keep on his legacy as a witch doctor and a false Prophet hiding in the name of God, ” he said.

Well, it seems Senyonga won’t stop at attacking Pastor Yiga even after his death, he has therefore turned his guns to his son known as Jengo Andrew, who is now Yiga’s successor of Revival Church Kawaala ministry.

Pastor Yiga – Jengo Andrew

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