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Woman Gives Birth Live During Church Service at Brother Ronnie’s Holy City Church (VIDEO)

During a Miraculous Church service, a heavily pregnant woman identified as Mummy Marvel came in for a service at Brother Ronnie’s Holy City Entebbe when she was way over due and the baby had an umblical cord wrapped round his neck but after these powerful words the baby came out peacefuly and alive during the  service.

A video clip has now gone viral showing how all this happened on the same day another man who was struggling for his life also came in and reportedly left when healed.

Apparently, two miracles occurred during a church service: one involved a woman who had been struggling to deliver and gave birth while there .

The woman had both an overdue pregnancy and umbilical code around her baby’s neck meaning at birth the child was to be strangled while giving birth but the woman was able to give birth safely live in Church and the other involved a man who was suffering from “Hodgkin lymphoma” (lymphoma is a swelling in the neck, armpit, or groin).

“The power of The Almighty worked out the unbelievable, and both miracles showed strength and effectiveness of His will. God used Bro. Ronnie Mightily to reach out to nations and spread the Gospel. His journey is one of incredible grace, humility, and extreme commitment. He is now many people’s father, mentor, role model, and source of hope for this generation of God’s people.”- an eye witness told Blizz Uganda news website.

Watch the video below:

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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