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Why comedian Dr.T Amale was Arrested

Former Bizonto comedy group member Tobby Kafeero aka Dr.T Amale was on Friday arrested and remanded to Luzira prison over defamatory comment on pastor Morris Katende .

The renowned comedian was sent to Luzira prison following a ruling made by a City Hall court judge and is set to return for his other court session and hearing on December 19th.

Dr. T Amale was remanded based on reasons of failure to honor several courts and police summons that were sent to him.

The summons were issued to Dr. T Amale for allegedly beating and biting evangelist Morris Katende along the streets of Bukoto near Radio Simba as he was having a chat with skit comedian Ssabazonto.


Dr. T Amale’s defamatory statements he shared across his digital social platforms accusing evangelist Morris Katende of wrongdoing didn’t help him at all as well.

It is reported that Evangelist Katende through his lawyers requested Dr. T Amale to retract and delete the defamatory statements he made against him but the comedian declined to do so thus forcing them to drag him into courts of law.

They explained that whenever they tried to amicably talk with him, he declined claiming that he has bigwigs in the government who can help him and that he is untouchable.

While at the court, Dr. T Amale tried calling some of his bigwigs from the government but none of them responded.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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