When Should the National Flag Be Used? Guidelines to the Flag Code

    Uganda Torture Flag
    Uganda Torture Flag

    The law, (the 1962 National Flag and Armorial Ensigns Act) prohibits anyone from using the Uganda National Flag in any way that ridicules it for example by stepping on it, tearing it etc.

    Below are circumstances under which you can use the National Flag:

    In the meantime, if you have a sports event, you can use the Uganda flag as a symbol to show that you represent the country. For example, we can cheer on the national teams at a football or network match.

    You can also share the national flag as a gift to express your pride to another person. If you intend to use the Uganda flag on an occasion that is ‘serious’ but not stated in the laws, then you must ask for permission to use the flag.

    If you get permission, it is still unlawful to raise a dirty flag, or to leave it out in the rain just because you are too tired to remove it.

    However, if you are engaged in something like Okalang’s eating competition, this is may bring ridicule to the flag so it may be a criminal offence. In addition to this, while it is ok to have a flag on your office table, if you are engaged in illegal business and you also have a flag on your desk, this is illegal since you are bringing contempt and ridicule to the Uganda flag.

    Traditional guidelines call for displaying the flag in public only from sunrise to sunset.

    However,  the flag may be displayed at all times if it’s illuminated during darkness. The flag should not be subject to weather damage, so it should not be displayed during rain, snow and wind storms  unless it is an all-weather flag.

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    It should be displayed often, but especially on national and state holidays and special occasions. The flag should be displayed on or near the main building of public institutions, schools during
    school days, and polling places on election days.

    It should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

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