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“When My Susan wants Something, I always Give her 2Million and more” – Pastor Bugingo

House of prayer ministries lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has told off whoever criticized him for giving his lover 2 Million to buy a bra.

While speaking to a congregation at his church, the controversial Pastor advised men to always first make money before they go in to dating a Woman.

This is when he revealed that whenever his lover Susan Makula wants something, however small it may be, he always gives her 1 Million Shillings and more, depending on his pockets.

Bugingo also cautioned men not to wait for their women to ask for money but rather be generous to then  at all times.

“As a man, pursue a woman when you have money. I hear them complain, women love money what do you want them to love. What should they love about a man who has no money,” Pastor Bugingo preached.

“You, young people must make money, and don’t wait for a woman to ask you for money, whenever you meet the woman you are dating, give her Shs1m and let her go home, If she tells you she wants a bra, give her Shs2m,” Bugingo added.

It should be noted that Bugingo’s lover Susan Makula Nantaba cake out and bragged about how Pastor Bugingo have her 2million to buy a bra at the time when they had just started dating.

Bugingo - Susan Makula - Teddy Naluswa
Bugingo – Susan Makula – Teddy Naluswa

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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