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What You Need To Know About Raising Star Kapa Boy and His New Single “Talk to Me”

Things were just falling into place, Kapa Boy real names Kanaabi Rodrick says about his “ordained” path into music.
Shortly after figuring out where I should sit for the picture-taking and conversation.

Kapa Boy told our website that he grew up in a musically-inclined surrounding.

His friend played the keyboard in church, he used to go to choir practice with them back then, but he didn’t sing. He explained, “I liked seeing people do it, but I didn’t think I could do it.”

After finding out that tidbit, I wanted to know when he realised he could carry a note and win the world over with his voice.

Kapa Boy
Kapa Boy

Kapa Boy: The age I knew I could sing, I was like 15 or 14, and it was just like, baby steps. Like, if I am singing in the bathroom shower and there’s someone in the living room saying, ‘Oh, you can actually sing o’, and I thought it was all jokes, but I guess it was destiny because life kept pushing me in that direction.

Before kapa Boy’s life changed, he became the Afropop star he is today; he supported a music friend. One day, the two were at a recording studio, and that friend insisted he record after hearing his voice. It was the first time he cut a record.
From there, Kapa Boy still didn’t take music as serious as his peers. He described his covers as “dance like this” but the change didn’t happen until he jumped on a collaboration with a Nigerian singer “He says”

Listen to talk to me below:

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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