“What Would I be Looking for by Getting Pregnant at My Age” – Diamond Plantumz’s Mother Opens up on Her Pregnancy Rumors




Popular Bongo star Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Sanura alias Mama Dangote has finally refutes on pregnancy rumours with her Toy boy child Shamte

Several tabloids and website reported that she’s expecting her first child with her new lover, Maisara Shamte.

During her recently interview with Global Publishers, Mama Dangote addressed the rumors the claiming that her age wouldn’t allow her to conceive and carry a child to full term without developing health complications.

She added that she’s in no position to nurse and care for a child as she is focused on living her best life, and having a baby would only pull her behind.

“Look at me, do you see the pregnancy? What would I be looking for by getting pregnant at my age? It is my time to enjoy life like a youth. Why would I start breastfeeding again? Wouldn’t it be fatal if I got pregnant at my age?” she said.

However ,Sandra defended her relationship saying that her lover is not as young as people think he is and that she doesn’t care about the age of a man but the heart.

Shamte who is 12 years younger than mama Dangote revealed that he married Sandar according to Islamic laws and doctrines.

Mama Dangote and Husband.

The businessman also responded to the allegations explaining that he had his own money and therefore didn’t need to get closer to his wife for Diamond’s money.

“You know people have been questioning why I married Diamond’s mother and why I live at her place. The issue is not that I lack a house but staying with my wife so she can take care of me.

“I came with my own money that is why she accepted me. I am a big man, how can someone take care of me financially? Do you think she would accept a proposal from a poor man? Do you think she can date someone who has no job or money? She loves a lot. She can’t hang out with someone who doesn’t have plenty of it,” he said.

The couple has continued to grow in love and show their affection, oblivious of people’s opinions and predicted that their love will not end in tears as many concluded.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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