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What Killed Sheikh Muzaata?? – Imam Kasozi Reveals shocking details about Fallen Muslim Leader’s Death

Imam Idi Kasozi, the head of the Uganda Muslim Youth Assembly, has refuted speculations that have been making rounds on social media that Sheikh Muzaata was poisoned and killed

Speaking on CBS FM on Saturday, Imam Kasozi advised Ugandans to do away with such rumors that Muzaata’s death was not a natural death but rather was planned by mafias.

Kasozi explained that Muzaata was sick and was admitted to the hospital until his death therefore no body killed or poisoned him as it is being alleged.

“I want to categorically caution people especially Muslims to desist from spreading false massages alleging that our beloved friend Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata died of either poison or anything. I have seen several massages of that kind but I beg you kindly to stop sharing these massages. In our religion and the Holy book we read, we very well know that death is inescapable. And since we don’t have evidence to such allegations let’s refuse to share them. Sheikh Muzaata was sick and was in the hospital till his death, let’s take that and leave the rest to Allah,” Kasozi who was Muzaata’s close friend said.

It should be noted that the sad demise of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte happened yesterday 04th Dec. 2020 at International Kampala Hospital (IHK) where he was admitted weeks ago after he suffered a possible heart attack.

Watch the Video Below:

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Khina Murah
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