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What Killed Deputy Prime Minister Ali Kirunda Kivejinja?

Ali Kirunda Kivejinja
Ali Kirunda Kivejinja

Sad news of the passing of, Hajji Ali Kirunda Kivejinja shocked many when he was announced dead by his family, and office of the Prime Minister but many are still wondering what his cause of death was.

A source close to the late Kivejinja has revealed to Celeb Patrol UG that the second deputy Prime Minister died at 17:20 hours (5pm).

Also according to different people including Bebe Cool, Kirunda Kivejinja died after succumbing to Coronavirus, a disease that he has been suffering from for more than a week.

This sad news continue to hit Ugandans as the deadly virus keeps claiming lives of Ugandans and shockingly, the most important people too.

The dead Prime Minister Kivejinja died at the age of 85 years and he served in the previous government before the NRM one came into power.

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