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“We’re Happy that Tamale Jr Quit” – NUP Speaks Out On Mirundi’s Exit


Leading opposition party, National Unity Platform led by Bobi Wine (Kyagulanyi Ssentamu) has revealed it’s stand on the recent exit of Tamale Mirundi Jr.

Mikie Wine, the brother to Bobi Wine and hardcore NUP member appeared on NBS Television and explained that Tamale’s exit does not shake the party even an inch.

On the contrary, said Wine, Tamale’s exit is a good thing since it proclaims that he is not a true freedom fighter to the world. He noted how important it is for the party to get to know who is genuine and who is not in the struggle.

“NUP is happy that people like Tamale Mirundi Jr left the struggle because they were not actually freedom fighters. People like him should actually leave and we stay with only freedom fighters.” Wine said.

Only a few weeks ago, Tamale Mirundi Jr declared himself nolonger and NUP member and joined the ruling NRM where his father, Tamale Mirundi is a prominent member.

Tamale had been acting as a councilor  in the National Unity Platform

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