Weasel’s mother Reveals why they postponed Weasel- Sandra “kukyala” ceremony




The mother of singer Douglas Lwanga aka Weasel Manizo, Proscovia Musoke , has revealed why they postponed the much anticipated Weasel – Sandra Teta’s traditional ” Kukyala” ceremony.

Earlier this year, Weasel hinted on plans to meet his wife Sandra Teta parents in Rwanda this year.

However ,ever since Weasel made the promise ,there have never been any visible arrangements for weasel and Sandra Kukyala ceremony .

While speaking to press on weasel – Sandra domestic saga, weasel’s mother said that no one can separate Weasel and Sandra ,that even they were set to Kukyala at Sandra’s Parent’s home in Rwanda this year but they decided to call it off after being told there was Genocide in Rwanda.

“We were set to Kukyala at Sandra’s Parent’s Home this year but we called it off after being there was Genocide in Rwanda “- Weasel’s Mother Said.

She went to say Weasel and Sandra love each other so much and they themselves know what happened .That they are also surprised by how much they love each other ,it ‘s beyond control and her grand kids are beautiful and in good health .

She further said that instead of spreading rumors ,people should wait for Sandra to file a case with the police ,so they can follow it.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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