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“Weasel should be Helped immediately, His life Might be Messed Up”- MC Kats


Tv personality Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats has come up and raise his voice to help for singer Weasel Manizo that his might have been messed up.

His call comes at a time when photos made rounds on social media showing Sandra Teta with a bruised face after she was badly beaten up by Weasel recently.

She, however, distanced herself from the allegations through her social media platforms where she revealed that she was rather thumped by thugs.

Kats took his media and revealed that he has been quiet about weasel’s issue but it is high to speak about ,saying that he also went through similar troubles like Weasel .

He further said requested people to come for his rescue before it goes out of their hands.

“In life we all get messed up
But the worst part of it
Is we hurt those dat love us
Plse I beg

Was so quiet about this
been thru a similar road
We need to get @weaselmanizo help asap
This will go out of hand as we sit bck n watch
@pallasomusic @jchameleon”,he posted

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