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VIDEO: Geosteady Opens Up About Rumors of Beating Up Baby Mama Prima

Musician Geosteady alias Kigozi George and baby mama Prima Kardash have been at loggerheads and not seeing eye to eye for almost two months now.

The two reportedly fell out after a misunderstanding related to their bedroom affairs and they had nasty breakup. They have been sleeping under different roofs , it is claimed that the two had fight and it is said that Geo steady destroyed things in Prima apartment.

Geo steady , has come out to speak for the first time on his “rotten” relationship with the baby mama
Geosteady revealed that he still love his baby mama and as for any normal relationship there is always that small misunderstanding and denies beating and cheating on prima as it was accused to him by different blogs.

But Prima said she isn’t bothered by whatever Geosteady does and therefore he should enjoy his life the way he wants because he is an adult.

Watch the Video:


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