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VIDEO: Ex- Lovers Geosteady and Prima Kardashi Exchange Romance Live on Stage

Ex but still lovers, singer Geosteady and Prima Kardashi proved beyond doubt to revelers that intimacy candle is still burning as s the exchanged romance on stage last Sunday.

Despite their past disagreements ,it was crystal clear that no one can interfere in the love and friendship of singer Geosteady and his baby mama Prima kardashi.

This was evident yesterday at Roast and Rhyme which happened at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo,
While performing sauti Sol’s song ‘ Suzanna’ the duo exchanged lovely and cozy moments as Prima showered Goesteady with money.

Geosteady and Prima Kardashi were together for more than five years and they have two beautiful daughters but in 2019 the couple separated.

Geosteady immediately moved on to another relationship and Prima Kardashi also started dating radio presenter Mr. Henrie.

Early this year, Prima broke up with Mr Henrie amidst cheating rumors although she said the reason they separated is because he is too perfect for her.

Apparently Prima Kardashi says she is very single but she is on good terms with ex Geosteady and she has continued to support him at all times even when it comes to his career in the music industry.

Watch video here:


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KY Jamal
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