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VIDEO- Comedian MC Kapale Reveals Why He Postponed His Marriage Function

Local comedian Kawuki Simon alias MC Kapale has revealed why he postponed his marriage function which was underway.

After breaking up with Shakira ,comedian hooked up Rwandaese babe and have been in preparations of legalizing the relationship until recent updates of postponing their function.

In telephone interview with one of local TV channel,Kapale disclosed that Chairman organizing committee of his function told him that the money was not enough to go on with the function that they should extend it in 3 weeks for now.

Adding that the reason why they failed to collect required money was after his ex got on social media and said that he was lying about his marriage and people stopped contributing for him.

My marriage functions was postponed When my ex got on social media and said that I am lying about my marriage ceremony, people stopped contributing”, MC Kapale said.

It should be remembered that Kapale had Kwanjula ceremony on April 2,2022 with his alleged ex- shakira but didn’t took place because she vanished .
She stated she has never dated Kapale and has no knowledge of the introduction.
Though Kapale claimed that he dated Shakira but she dumped her for a variety of reasons.

She was my girlfriend in 2019, we stopped seeing each other in December that year but she wanted to get married to me but I didn’t like her because she was dirty, couldn’t clean the house, lay the bed, clean her private parts well or even shave her pubic hair and she was also poor in bed,” Mc Kapale said.

Watch interview here:

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