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Victor Kamenyo Reveals Real Reason why Girlfriend Dumped Him

Struggling Faint hearted lugaflow rapper rapper Derrick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo has , for the first time ,reveal real reason to why his girlfriend Ruth AKoragye Angora dumped him.

This is on of Kamenyo ‘s first interviews where he speaks in more details why his relationship with his girlfriend Ruth did not work.

It should be remembered that few weeks ago the pair involved in an altercation which show Ruth packing her things and leave Kamenyo’s house .

While talking to local YouTuber, Allan Cruz in an exclusive interview ,Kamenyo disclosed that the main reason why his girlfriend left him is that he refused to show her off in the public .

A thing Ruth interpreted that Kamenyo might be having other girls that is why he never wanted to off her show in public which wasn’t right .

He said that he had already even taken her to his ancestral home and she knows where he come from.

“The reason she left me, she said I wasn’t showing her off in public. I don’t show her to people, I have other girls,” Kamenyo said.

” I showed her to my mother.She knows where I come from” he added .

Kamenyo had earlier said that she left him after finding him flirting with another girl over WhatsApp.

He has since made several attempts to win her back, including tattooing her on his chest, singing apology songs, and taking gifts to her house but nothing has worked.

Victor Kamenyo

However, the “Nduulu ” singer that ever since she left him, they have not talked over the phone. She also avoids anyone who tries to get them in touch. But he is still positive that she will return soon.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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