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Victor Kamenyo Hints on Legalizing His Relationship with Lover Ruth

Local rapper Katongolr Derrick alias Victor Kamenyo is contemplating legalizing his relationship with Lover Akoragye Ruth.

It should be noted for the past months the two parted ways after Ruth netting Kamenyo while cheating on her.

However, few weeks ago, the two love birds decided to rekindle their relationship after putting there differences a side .

In the latest in their lastest interview with local YouTuber ,Kamenyo hinted on the plans of legalizing his bonking sessions with Ruth Akoragye .

Kamenyo also confirmed that he has already composed song that will crown up their introduction ceremony ,Ruth also confirmed that she already decided to upon moving on with rapper and not even horny slay queen can split her from Kamenyo, before assuring the public about their soon mega introduction ceremony

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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