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Victor Kamenyo finally Breaks Silence on fighting Baby Mama

Ugandan rapper Derrick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo finally breaks on an altercation with his baby mama.

It seems Victor Kamenyo and his baby mama have developed serious grudgein a video that went viral on social media on Monday evening.

In the video Victor Kamenyo was seen pleading with his girlfriend not leave his apartment but she seemed not interested in staying behind as she snatched Kamenyo’s phone out of his hands and threw it to the ground .

While speaking to the media about the saga ,Kamenyo said that she wasn’t fighting his baby mama,claiming that the person who filmed them misrepresented what happened.

He further said that he was trying to hold her so she doesn’t run away because she had just seen information on his phone she disliked .

That video trended, I got issues with my wife. She saw things on my phone that she didn’t like. She misinterpreted them… She is choleric and shot-tempered, and she can do something perilous when she is annoyed,” Kamenyo said during an interview with media.

“I was trying to hold her to take her back in the house and calm her down because it happens a lot. When she is annoyed, she might throw herself in front of a running car,” he went on.

“But she was already annoyed at everything, breaking things… I was trying to prevent her from going astray, doing things she is not supposed to do, because she was leaving without money, such a woman, and I love her a lot.”, he added.

He refuted the allegations that he was just staging stunt to get attention for his upcoming music concert on 9th October this year.

“I can’t do a stunt to promote my concert using my wife We have a lot of dreams and plans, and we had even opened a group to talk about our introduction,” he said, noting that they were planning for December.”,he refuted the claims.

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KY Jamal
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