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Victor Kamenyo and Ex – Lover Ruth AKoragye set to Rekindle their Relationship After Months of Begging and wooing

After months of begging and wooing ,it seems local rapper Derrick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo’s efforts have finally bore fruits .Latest reports indicates Victor Kamenyo and Ruth AKoragye Angora are on move to rekindle their relationship .

There seems to have been a change of heart from Ruth who has in the past refused any association and disregard Kamenyo’s advances after their dramatic break up.

The two ex – lovers or soon to be reunited lovers had a messy break up last month .it is alleged that the main reason of the split up ‘Baligabana’ hit maker’s promiscuity after he allegedly was caught cheating.

Basing on Ruth’s current interview with local YouTuber ,Allan Cruz it seems things to be going in a good direction ,Ruth disclosed that her and Victor are now on good talking terms although as friends.

She further said that when everything is settled ,she will get back with Victor as she promised to give Kamenyo a baby when life gets back to normal.

Victor Kamenyo and Ex – Lover 

It is yet not clear if that is the only wish Kamenyo got granted as Ruth is yet to confirm if she has forgiven her ex .At the moment ,we think Kamenyo will take this as big win .A step in the right direction.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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