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Vice President Jessica Alupo Sets Dates to Introduce Her Husband

Vice president of Uganda Jessica Alupo has reportedly already set dates to officially introduce her husband to her parents in Katakwi.

According to one of local news paper reported, that pair will officially legalize their romance on the future as preparations for their marriage are said to be underway.

Her relationship with Captain Innocent Tukashaba who she introduced in 2011 hit the rock though the two sired to kids together before sperating.

The 47 year old woman member of parliament for Katakwi district is said to have found Love in a little known man called Peter Abeine who originally hails from Kabale but settled in Museveni’s home district Kiruhura. The 48 year old Abeine is also said to be too connected to the corridors of power.

The function is reportedly going to take place in Oigo Imomwa Village,Ongongoja subcounty this coming Saturday and a few big dogs from government are set to grace the function.

Jessica formerly served as minister of Education before she lost her Katakwi seat and settled in the village and bounced back in 2021 and consequently President Museveni appointed her Voice president a position she’s effortlessly serving with all her passion.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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