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Vanessa Vanny is a night Dancer – Lwasa Shocks nation

Masaka City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel has come out and accuses Vanessa Vanny of being a night dancer.

Lwasa Emmanuel has lately been popular for bragging. According to him, his money can get him any woman. However, tables turned on Sunday when he got bounced by his alleged fiancee Vanessa Vanny.

The businessman through his social media on Friday had announced that Vanessa was to introduce him to her parents on Sunday.

Amongst the reasons stated was that the ceremony is the only honour Lwasa can give to any woman he is interested in.

He also revealed that he doesn’t mind spending on his woman.

It is alleged that Vanessa had received more than Shs30m from Lwasa for proper preparations of the ceremony but she disappeared into thin air.

On D-Day, Vanessa was nowhere to be seen, Lwasa could not get to her and the only person she kept communicating with was the best man.

Speaking on phone with the best man, Vanessa revealed that her family had decided to postpone the introduction over infidelity accusations. She said Lwasa had accused her of sleeping with the driver.


“My family cancelled the ceremony. They said that we give it two weeks. They argued that they could not accept his gifts yet he said he caught me with the driver,” she said.

Even after being told not to go, the money bag insisted and continued with the day’s plan only to find one of the worst surprises of his life.

While speaking in his recent interview with one of local YouTuber ,Lwasa disclosed that Vanessa is so cheap and have not heard from her since the cancellation of their ceremony .

He further said that Vanessa wasn’t an easy lady because she could wake up at night and disappear from bed like a night dancer and she could not be seen anywhere in the house .

That Lwasa’s sister informed that problem can be healed with time but inturn she told him that she was lying to him it can’t be healed and concluded by confirming that Vanessa is a night dancer.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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