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USA Based Ugandan Gospel Singer Samie Smilz Dropping Something Hot

Well known for songs like; Mwijjemwena, Bunyuma, Hallelujah, Psychology and many others, Samie Smilz has confirmed to drop a brand new master piece before the year ends to quench his fans’ thirst with his Lockdown creativity.

Samie has promised to drop the album on the 16th of December he will be unveiling something new he has been working on.

He also went ahead and revealed that he has been working on this album during this entire lock down period and wants his fans to stay on alert for what he calls “Something you wouldn’t want to miss”.

Samie made his previous album known as “Face to Face” which was released on the 24th of August with songs such as; Dance for you, Follow me, speak Lord, Mwijje mwena among others. This 15 track album had a Mwijje mwena song (meaning “come all”) which had record breaking streams

Mwijje mwena has had an overall airplay from international channels like TBN Africa, Trace TV and others but also found favor on the local playlists in the country.

According to Spotify:- a music streaming platform. Mwijje mwena did rounds across the globe in more than 24 countries. IT received the most play on top 20 inspirational Gospel songs and on the 23rd of April between 8am and 9am, it got a streaming of atleast 254 people at the same time.

Samie Smilz
Samie Smilz

We wouldn’t want you to miss what he is unveiling on the 16th December so keep in touch with his social media pages and YouTube channel; because he will also be revealing something new in January andwe will be sharing with you the dates and details

Subscribe to his youtube channel: to get all his music and what what is going on in his life and a notification not to miss his release. You can also follow him on his social media pages:-




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