Home Entertainment Urban TV’s Jammie Nankya Drags Singer Hanson Baliuruno to Court

Urban TV’s Jammie Nankya Drags Singer Hanson Baliuruno to Court


Urban Television presenter ,Jammie Nankya has dragged local singer Hanson Baliuruno to court after threatening to end her life.She says she has been following him until she decided enough is enough for purpose of her safety .

This comes after Hanson launched a bitter on Nankya host of Urban Tv’s Circuit show and he promised to end her life if she doesn’t stop trashing his music.

“Do not play with me, sagala ozanyise mizimu gyange egye Bunyoro, I will come nkukube nkwonone face eyo yona. We are both parents but the way you treat me si ya bwenkanya. What time will you be at work nzijje njogere ne Rwamiti nze nkumalirize”- Hanson asked.

According to court notice our website landed on ,Nankya lawyers Kabega ,Bogezi & Bukenya advocates claims that Nankya’s Comment about Hanson Music was fair and in her own opinion the basic truth.

Now Nankya has given the singer 5 days ultimatum to apologize to her for all threatening statements he made against her and pay all the legal fees and damages incurred so far.

We shall keep you updated for more developments.

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