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Urban TV Presenter Nankya Jommie Attacked by Goons


Reportedly, a group of unknown goons waylaid, ambushed, attacked Urban TV presenter Nankya Jommie last night.

Source revealed to us that Nankya was on her way home in Bulenga when she landed into an ambush by a killer squad who wanted to clobbered her but she only saved by neighbors after making an alarm.

A month back Nankya had feud with singer Hanson Baliruno and he threatened to end presenter’s life after Nankya alleging that Hanson does fake music and struggling.

Nankya in turn served notice to sue Hanson for safety of her life against his death threats.

We are yet to hear from Nankya about her side of the story but not yet confirmed whether the attack was setup by Hanson as many alleges it.

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