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UPDF Appoints Fashion Designer Sylvia Owori as New Director of Operations at Operation wealth Creation

Uganda Iconic fashion designer Sylvia Damalie Owori is over the moon after being appointed as the new head the operations of the UPDF-led Operation Wealth Creation (OWC). She made the announcement today that she had been promoted to the position of Director of Operations at OWC Sylvia Owori is the new head of Operation wealth creation  operations.

She went on to thank President Yoweri Museveni and the OWC Chief Coordinator Gen Caleb Akandwanaho for believing and recognizing her abilities, talents or skills to lead and coordinate operations at OWC that are key to transforming socio-economic make up of Uganda.

“I thank them and the whole OWC fraternity for entrusting me with these additional responsibilities and duties in such a position in order to contribute to the betterment of our nation,” -she said

Sylvia Owori , has previously been serving as the Executive Assistant to Gen Saleh on Public Private Community Partnerships at operation wealth creation.

Sylvia Owori.

Commenting about her elevation, Owori said she was excited at holding such a high position as a female and aware of the various challenges ahead but ready to face them with the same vigor as it was over the years.

“And to my ladies out there, please note there is nowhere hard work, the right attitude and courage, discipline, willingness for constant self improvement and of course faithfulness to God will not get you. Not even the proverbial Big table with the big boys or cracking glass ceiling should be out of reach for you,” she said added

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KY Jamal
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