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UPDF And Police to Enforce Serious Curfew As Free Bobi Wine Protests Gain Momentum

The Uganda Police Force and Uganda People’s Defence Forces, together with sister security agencies have teamed up and announced that anyone found on the roads by 9:00am will not like it.

While addressing the press about the ongoing free Bobi Wine demonstrations, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga noted that a total of 28 people had died in the violent strikes.In a bid to check on the violent strikes, UPDF deputy spokesperson, Lt.Deo Akiiki warned the public to avoid roaming the roads past 9 pm.

“The public is prior warned not to be on roads after 21;00 hours unless you are authorized to.” he said.

He added that the UPDF empathizes with the families of the families of those that lost their loved ones during the demonstrations and urged Ugandans to be responsible  and avoid participating in acts that would lead them into trouble.Security Minister, General Elly Tumwine also cautioned the rioting youth not to be misled.

“We are aware some people have been training and misleading young people on how to attack Police. Get out of that because whoever is training you on this is putting your life at great risk,” he said.

“I heard someone say they are stronger and have more numbers than the Police. The peace-loving Ugandans are the majority. Those who want to disrupt are very few and therefore can’t sustain it. We have evidence that most of these people are agents of foreign forces who want to destabilize African counties for their own interests. For someone who is contesting to lead Uganda, are you admiring what has happened in Libya and other countries? What a shame.” the General added.

He further warned that security forces will change tactics according to the situation.“We have moved from the teargas to the batons. And as you saw, In 2 hours, the town was clean because it (baton) was direct to the culprits,”

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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