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Upcoming singer An- Known Responds to Bad Black After Calling him ” Clingy”


Upcoming singer An- known has come out and responds to socialite ,blogger Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black after calling him ” Clingy”.

It should be noted that Bad Black came out and blasted singer An- Known for over post he made on his page while using her photo they took together as vixen in his new video.

Over yesterday she took her socials and made long post warning An- known to stop posting his photo on his page instead to post his video/song because she is married now and are inlaws are on social media and that they will think otherwise.

“Upcoming musician tonesibako if i was not paid to vixen we’re would you hv found me tonesibako kubanga nagumikiliza enkwawa zo naye zampunyilira 😀😀😀 stop all this nonsense the ki song was done 7month ego .. go brush and perfume urself kumanyoko::i mean u can post ur ki song not my pic nze family yo musajja there on media onanemessa obufumbo singa obadde towuunya kale…tegeza gwe UNKNOWN STOP POSTING ME ON UR PAGE”,she posted.

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On hearing this, upcoming singer An- known responded back by saying that Bad Black is more than vixen ,she special that is why they used her in video to give hype to the song.And that he never took photos with her for bad intentions that he using them for purpose meant of as they agreed and that he never assumed that it will harm some people if he posts them.

He added saying that he can’t believe that Bad Black called him “Clingy” unless he first meet her and see her because he can’t accept that she can behave in such way because she is good person.

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