Upcoming Artist Record Elah Butida Lands His First International Gig




As they say God doesn’t forget His People , Upcoming musician Makumbi Ashraf commonly known as Record Elah Butida lands his first international show in London.

After years of being a street boy Ghetto youth singer, Butiida finally found his breakthrough when re known Blogger Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng put him on the spot is now the new trending musician with catchy lyrics like “Baka Basajja Banyuma”, a song that has caught many music lovers’ ears.

Good news reaching our website from his manager peng peng indicating that Butida is booked by promoter Jose Job Link to perform in London soon a long David Lutalo and Pallaso in September this year.

“I have sealed a mega deal with promoter Jose Job Link in London today,Guess what Butiida has been invited to London in September and he will perform with David Lutalo and Pallaso .I can’t stop crying comrades with tears of joy .This reminded me of Master Blaster R.I.P ,He only produced one song Embooko and promoter Ssengo invited him to London straight.Butida I don’t know you personally but God brought us together for a reason so may God bless you with mercy” ,Peng Peng shared on his Facebook Page.

Peng Peng shared a video of Butida singing one of his songs dubbed “Baka Basajja Banyuma” literally meaning “Married women are sweet.

This song caught the public’s attention but most interestingly, was his other song dubbed “Tulye Ffene nga bwetwekuba ensigo.

This further stirred up the public to fall in love with this new talent “Butida” who is now trending every where including the mainstream, NBS TV being the lates.

We shall keep you posted for new developments about this story.


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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