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Unveiling the True Identity of Zari Hassan ‘s New Toy Boy lover , GK Choppa’s Replacement

Few days back , Zari Hassan paraded off her new toy boy lover after broke up with GK Choppa a few weeks ago.

This was after video clip of her while grinding on a man who appears to be significantly younger than her surfaced on social media and elicited mixed reactions among the netizens that would be this young man dating the bosslady.

Today we have decided to unmask his real identity and more details about him.

Born Shakib Lutaaya but commonly known as Shakib Cham and he’s 27 years old

He is born Ugandan but based in Gauteng ,South Africa and it is reported that is where he first hooked up Zari not in Tanzania.

His real business in South Africa is not known but just like his fellow sangomas ,he often chopping dime and flossing around with expensive rides.

Moles revealed to our website that the two love birds decided to have their good times in Tanzania because they couldn’t freely enjoy themselves in SA for fear of reproach from Zari’s ex Choppa.

It is reported that Zari started enjoying Shakib’s Big Cassava around February this year while she was juggling him with Choppa until she decided he was the best choice.

However, it is not yet clear whether Zari plans to move in with the lad or this is just one of the numerous flings she has enjoyed over time but Shakib is so serious with her that he has since updated his Facebook status to indicate that he is in a relationship.

Take Look at his photos here:

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KY Jamal
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