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UK Based Catholic Priest Under Fire For B0nking Top Masaka Socialite


A Ugandan born United Kingdom Catholic priest is under spotlight after a woman publicly accused him of abandoning her after siring children with her.

The woman, who begged to stay anonymous claims that the Rev. Father used to come to Uganda and spend the nights with her at their rented apartment and even took care of their children.

The pair have also been on outings such as boat cruising amongst other fun activities so as to spend quality time with each other

The two even took alot of photographs and video clips which she presented as evidence. However, the priest denied having any romantic ties with the woman, dismissing her as a house maid.

The woman however maintains that the said priest had to lure her away from her wedded husband, promising to marry her.

She adds that they both embarked on a house construction project together from where the priest spent his time while he was in Uganda to see her.

When disagreements erupted though, the priest declared his true identity and swore he had never known the woman untill she came out to accuse him.

Efforts to seek for help from other priests proved futile as many of them shunned her on learning of her involvement with the UK Based priest.

The former lovers have since then been running court battles over the matter

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