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Ugandans to Receive Covid 19 Relief Funds on Thursday, Hon Nabbanja Affirms


The Right Honorable Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Hon Robinah Nabbanja confirmed that Ugandans are to receive their corona virus relief funds this week on Thursday.

Last year during the first lock down, the Government of Uganda distributed food to the poor but a number of eligible people said they didn’t get.

After a closed-door meeting with members of the Covid-19 National Task Force, the new Prime Minister, Ms Robinah Nabbanja, said she would use a different approach during her tenure.

She revealed that the money to be sent will be 100,000 Uganda shillings and a budget was released to guide receivers on how to use the money.  Registration of people under the different categories has been ongoing.

While speaking in a recent interview, Hon. Nabbanja affirmed that Ugandans will start receiving their money starting this week on Thursday, 8th July 2021.

All qualified vulnerables have been told to register with the people in charge of registering and all their info will be forwarded to the Telecommunication companies.

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The list of Beneficiaries are: Bus and taxi drivers plus conductors; baggage carriers, touts, wheelbarrow pushers, traffic guides and loaders in tax and bus parks, stages and other areas like Kikuubo.

Each beneficiary will receive shs100,000 to cater for the purchase of 20kg of posho at shs40,000, 10kg of beans for shs25000, a bar of soap at shs3000, a three-liter -jerrican of cooking oil for shs 12000 and the remaining shs20,000 to be used for other items at home.

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