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Ugandan Weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko Bitterly Breaks-up With Wife Over Infidelity

Latest reports reaching our gossip desk indicating that Ugandan Weightlifter,Julius Ssekitoleko bitterly breaks-up with wife over accusations of infidelity.

According to Julius’s wife alleges that Julius has been abdicating his fatherly duties in favour of dancing between the sheets with every female that come in his way.

And that most hurtful part is that he slept with his sister in law who is HIV positive .

So she decided to terminate their relationship inorder to prevent herself from sleeping with weightlifter because this might affect her and yet to be born baby .

However,denied the allegations claiming that he has been providing for his family and declined cheating on her that his wife listens to people words and it might the root cause of their misunderstandings.

Julius came into limelight when he went missing from his hotel in Osaka during Tokoyo Olympics.

But later he was found after four days frol Osaka in Mie and was then sent back to Uganda as Police did not find him involved in any crime

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KY Jamal
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