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Uganda Ranked in 87 Positions Among African Military Giants 2022

Uganda has been ranked in 87 positions among the African military giants 2022 as news about the strongest military in Africa 2022 continues to challenge everything we have always known about the continent.

For any progressive state seeking to protect its borders and interests, reliable armed forces’ power is necessary and African continent is doing well against world superpowers.

Today, military ranking takes in a series of criteria to ensure only the best make it up on the list. While there are several methods involved in determining armed forces success and strength, the following are crucial in making a conclusion

Below is the list of Top 10 most powerful Militaries in Africa.

  1. Egypt (rank: 13) this is now the superpower of Africa and the state leads in the broader African continent with unfailing troops. This means that Egypt has the strongest army in Africa. The fact that Egypt has an estimated population of about 104,898,490 and over 920,000 army members confirms its defensiveness. Even better, this nation has a power index of 0.2216.
  2. Algeria (rank: 27) this western African state has a good population military ratio of about 1.1%. Its band of 470,000 military members demonstrates power and tact in military operations. GFP estimates its power index at 0.4439.
  3. South Africa (rank: 32) South Africa comes third and immediately after Algeria with a strong army of national defenders. Having 81,500 military personnel in a country with 56,463,617 is satisfactory. It has a power index of 0.5665.
  4. Nigeria (rank: 35) the country has over 120,000 military personnel protecting over 214,028,302 inhabitants. A military ratio of 0.1 per cent is pretty much reasonable for a country with such a staggering population. The latest Nigerian power index stands at 0.6241.
  5. Morocco (rank: 53) Morocco armored vehicles preparing for war. Photo: @IiiTango Source: Twitter Morocco is at the far right and upper corner of the continent, with a good reputation for organized troops. The country has a power index of 0.8739, 35,561,654 million residents, and half a million military members. These stats pull their military ratio to about 1.4 per cent.
  6. Angola (rank: 65) Angola military has been doing well for years now. Recent findings reveal that there are over 120,000 military members in a nation with 32,522,339 million citizens. The Angola power index is now at 1.0799.
  7. Ethiopia (rank: 66) Ethiopia has the strongest military in East Africa. Ethiopia has more than 162,000 perfectly trained arm men with a power index of 1.0901.
  8. Libya (rank: 70) A Libyan army officer holding a rifle has a population of about 6,890,535 million people. The oil-enriched state deserves its place as Africa’s most defensive nation. Libya has a power index of 1.2736. The country has one of the best armies in Africa and is way ahead because of its reliable naval forces, the endowment of natural resources, and the mobility of troops
  9. Tunisia (rank: 73) Tunisia, with a power index of 1.4134. With a population of 11,721,177 million, its military force of 48,000 is perfect for the country.
  10. Sudan (rank: 77) Sudan in the 77th position against 140 others considered in the ranking and records a power index rating of 1.5159, which is impressive.

The country has about 45,561,556 million people and a military force of about 210,000, which is sufficient for them.

However Uganda, the pearl of Africa is being ranked in the 87 position, 89 Chad 90 Zimbabwe 91 Ghana 96 Niger 104 Mali 105 Botswana 106 Cameroon 108 South Sudan 110 Tanzania 112 Ivory Coast 115 Mozambique 117 Republic of the Congo 124.

Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja is a Ugandan Photo Journalist, Influencer, Photo and Videographer, Nnews Editor and Critic for African Politics.


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