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UCC Orders Sanyuka TV To Issue An Apology to OS Suna


Communications regulator, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), has ordered Sanyuka TV to issue an apology and also to retract the statement they made against singer OS Suna on morning express program.

It should be rembered a few months back,Sanyuka TV presenters together with blogger Isma Olaxess openly accused OS of doing witchcraft,marrying old women during their morning express program.

OS through his lawyers filed complaint with UCC claiming that the content aired during that show defamed him after presenters making false accusations against him.

After investigation conducted by the commission ,it has come to a conclusion and ordered Sanyuka TV to give OS platform to hear his side of history .

To pay fine of total $520 for distributing prohibited content and $260 for noncompliance to minium broadcasting standards.

OS also had demanded that the station should pay him one billion for damages occasioned by offensive communication and another 100 million in court charges.


Though the commission declined to make an award of general damages as prayed for by Suna


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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