UBC Journalist Robert Kagolo Murdered in Cold Blood Hours After Burying his Brother




Former Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) president Robert Kagolo has been gunned down today evening at Kasengejje in Wakiso District.

Kagolo, who has been working with Star FM radio had just buried his brother who was also reported to have been murdered.

According to news reports, Kagolo’s brother Samuel Musiitwa aught his wife in bed with another man. This is when he chased his wife away and the day after he was kidnapped and killed the following day.

Samuel Musiitwa’s body was tied up and thrown in a certain forest. During his burial, Kagolo swore to mke his brother’s murders pay but he also sadly did not survive on his way back home.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokes person Luke Owoyesigire said that Kagolo was assassinated by unknown gunner.

“Kagolo is dead but he was not assasinated by unknown gun men as social media reports earlier claimed. He was shot after a scuffle with an LDU.”

Uganda Journalists Association have also taken it to their social media and confirmed the sad news.

We regret the sadden death of our ex president and Star FM journalist Robert Kagolo who has been gunned down this evening. The news coming in to us indicates that Kagolo was gunned in Kasengejje and later pronounced dead at St Joseph health facility in Wakiso upon arrival. In pictures here attached, second from left he was meeting our executive team members Emma,Issa and Mahad last year. We sympathize with the deceased’s family.”- they posted

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.
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